Helium properties calculator


The script below computes a few properties of helium 4He using a famous published fits.  The perl script is designed to

be used as a cgi, but the formulae can be easily extracted and implemented in other programming langages.

The validity range of Hands and McCarty fits (used here) extends from 2 K up to 1500 K, for pressure up to 2GPa.

The fits are not accurate in the critical region (~ 5.19 K, ~ 69 kg/m3), where some properties diverge : in this specific

region, the fits by Kierstead should be used instead.

Bibliography :

  1. McCarty and Arp (1990) Advances in cryogenic engineering. R. W. Fast. New York, Plenum Press. 35: 1465-1475.

  2. Echelle provisoire de température de 1976. Bureau international des poids et mesures, F-92310 Sevres, France

On-line calculation :

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